Simply Baby Sessions | Newborn and Baby Photographer Glasgow

I’m so excited to introduce my new ‘Simply Baby’ Mini Sessions for Newborns due in December 2018 onwards.

These sessions are geared towards those of you who want to document your newborn but don’t have a need for lots of images. ‘Simply Baby’ sessions are all about your newborn. There are no parent or sibling images included and the shoot is very simple, focussing on just your baby in a simple white vest, there are no wrapped, posed or styled images included.

The sessions are much shorter than usual newborn sessions as there is no need for your baby to be asleep for the shots, so you will only need to be with me for 45minutes to an hour.

You will recieve 10 digital images from your session, with full printing rights to reproduce the images as you wish for an all inclusive price of £195.

These sessions are perfect for brand newborns and older babies too, so please fell free to get in touch if you have missed the newborn stage.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Much love,



Outdoor Kids | Family Photographer Renfrewshire | Family Photographer Glasgow

If you follow me on FB, Instagram or read this blog, you'll know that I love very simple studio set-ups. For indoor work, I concentrate on neutral colour schemes and simplicity, thats my style.

However, take me outside and I'm all about colours, textures and pretty foliage as backdrops. This style of photography is perfect for photographing the older children that I work with. 

Every year I run 'Outdoor Kids' sessions in the Renfrewshire area. They are always a blast and 9 years in I'm still loving them completely.

The summer sessions have been and gone for this year, however don't fret if you missed out because I'll probably add some late Autumn early Winter sessions later in the year.

Due to popularity, I operate a waiting list for these sessions so drop me a note via the contact form if you want to be added to the list for first refusal. 

Much love



How much does Newborn Photography Cost? | Baby photos Glasgow

If you are reading this blog, I'm guessing that you are either expecting or have just had a new baby. You've decided that you'd love some beautiful newborn photographs to document your new bundle, but you just don't have any clue on how much you'll be expected to pay. So, let me do my best to address this question for you.

The simple answer is that Newborn Photography pricing varies massively across the industry for a number of reasons, such as the photographers style, experience and skill level. The amount of time that your newborn session will take to shoot, edit and present and of course, the amount and quality of products that will be included in your package.

So, where do I lie in the market and what does a newborn photography session cost with me?

Well, the answer is that I am not the cheapest photographer in the market, so if you are shopping on price alone, I may not be the right fit for you. However, I am skilled and experienced and very capable of producing beautiful images that will stand the test of time. So, although I am not the most expensive photographer, my services do come at a price. However , I am aware that budgets vary, so I have tried to keep this in mind by offering Collections to suit different needs.

A simple newborn session with me starts at £275 which includes your session, production of the images and your choice of 10 favourites which are sent to you via digital download to be reproduced as you wish. 

For those of you who want more images but dont want prints, there is a Collection of all images for £350. 

My most popular Newborn Photography Collection is priced at £395, which includes your 2-3 hour session in my cosy home studio, all of your Digital Images (Approx 40) a Luxury Memory Box of every image, professionally printed to ensure that they last a lifetime and beyond and a bundle of 5 Fine Art Prints that are mounted and ready to be placed in frames.

High quality Newborn Baby Photography is a luxury, however its an investment that lasts a lifetime, so be sure to pick wisely when your time comes. Cheap is not always the best option.

Full pricing for sessions can be viewed here on my website. Please have a look and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or want to book your session.


Much love,





Baby Photos | Glasgow & Renfrewshire

So, the newborn stage has come and gone and you didn't manage to get newborn photographs taken. Don't worry, you're not alone. 

Many clients come to me when their baby is out of the newborn stage, saying that they always meant to have a newborn photo shoot, but never got around to it. It happens, the newborn days are busy and its over in a flash. If you don't organise your photo-shoot while you are still pregnant, there is a good chance that you'll never get around to it, because all the days seem to pass so quickly.

Please don't worry, older baby photography is just as important as newborn photography and its actually one of my favourite stages to photograph. Your baby has a little personality shining through and the images that we can capture at this stage are just lovely.

Its best to have your baby photography shoot when your baby is around 6-10 months old, when they can sit on their own. There's nothing cuter, than a little sitting baby, with little chubby legs. I adore this stage, and its another that passes so quickly so capture it while you can.

I have a beautiful, cosy home studio in Bridge of Weir, that is perfectly set up to capture your baby photographs. Clients usually come to me from Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. If you are in the local area and are thinking of a baby photo-shoot, I might just be the photographer for you.

baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire-2.jpg
baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire-3.jpg
baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire-4.jpg
baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire-9.jpg
baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire-10.jpg
baby photos-photographer-glasgow-pailsey-renfrewshire.jpg

Family as Art | Custom Framing | Newborn Photographer Glasgow

Digital images are hugely important to many of my clients, I get that! We live in the digital age where images are shared across various forms of Social Media, multiple times per day. I include digital files with all my packages as standard, however I really can't stress enough how important it is to print your images for prosperity.

I offer custom framing and many of my clients choose to have their favourite image printed and framed by me, this makes my heart happy. You see, there are many, many different forms of printing available in the market place today and many of them are really sub standard. High street printing facilities might be quick and cheap, but cheap isn't always good. Colours can be off, clarity is non existent, theres no depth or shadow... All the things that make a good picture good. Cheap printing can ruin a beautiful image and make it just not beautiful anymore.

Professionally taken photographs, should be professionally printed. You wont regret it.


At 10.

And just like that, he is 10.

My love, my heart, my son. The child who made me a Mother, on a bright spring evening, now a decade ago.

Surely there is some mistake? Am I dreaming?  How can it be?  It feels like I missed it all.

How can it be, that those ten years feels so short, but when I try to, I struggle to remember the details. How can that be so?

All Mothers think that their children are special, and I am no exception, but let me tell you, when it comes to this boy, I don't think, I know.

I knew it from the very second that I laid eyes on him. He is gentle and kind and has the most loving heart of anyone I know. He is funny and laid back and strong. He is grateful, quietly confident, resilient and humble. He has a beautiful soul.

He loves animals, all animals, but mostly his Lily the cat, who has been his number two since he was only four years old. He would fill our home with all kinds of creatures if we let him. He assures me that when he is a man, he will have all the animals he's ever dreamt of owing. That includes a puma and a tortoise and a dog. The latter seems most likely. 

He is a gamer, a child of the digital age who would spend all day online if he could, chatting animatedly through headphones, to the boys and girls who are his best friends. 

He loves super cars and wonders if its possible to have a 'Lambo' as his first car when he passes his test. I've told him that the chances are slim, he doesn't let that put him off.

He loves dinosaurs and historical facts. His general knowledge astounds me, and puts me to shame in games of Trivial Pursuit. 

 He loves basketball and he loves to swim and when I watch him doing these activities, my heart swells with pride. He gives his all, and that effort has paid off. 

He is funny and chatty and he makes me laugh every day. I am so grateful that for now, he is mine. 

A good friend once told me that the next ten years will go much quicker than those that have already passed, when I think on that, I realise how true it must be. The next decade will be the one which includes him going to secondry school, becoming a teenager and drifting, as teenagers do, away from the me. The next decade will be the one in which his friends become his family, and I'm pretty sure that I'll lose him for a while.

I hope, my boy, that I have done well in preparing you for the next decade of your life. This one might be harder for you, but you're strong and clever and brave. Your potential is immense, I think that you'll be just fine. 

As we embark on the next decade of his life,  I look at our 'Danbo', our charming, sensitive boy and hope he knows just how loved he is. It would take a person more skilled than I, to document in words, the infinite pride and joy that he brings.

So Dan, here's to 10, here's to the next decade and whatever lies ahead.

My darling boy, here's to you, at 10.

Prepping for your Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer Renfrewshire & Glasgow

There are many, many things that you need to remember and consider when you have a newborn baby, its an amazing time, but it can also be stressful. The last thing you need is a complex list of instructions from you photographer, coaching you on how to prepare for your newborn session.

If you google 'Preparing for a newborn photography session' you will find various blog posts on all the do's and dont's for a successful session. It's a minefield, and while it may work well for some, its just not my thing. My prepping instructions are simple;  Come along with baby, at the dedicated time and leave it up to me to capture your baby in images for you to enjoy for a lifetime. 

You see, my style of newborn photography is very, very natural and totally baby led. If your baby is awake on arrival, I will capture that. If your baby is asleep, I will capture that. If your baby needs a feed, no problem. If they cry, no problem. Just come along and leave it up to me to produce images of your baby as they really are.

As your newborn photographer, my role is to capture images that will stir memories and emotions when you look back on them in years to come.

I have years of experience of photographing babies, and besides that I'm a Mum. I had 3 babies in less than 2 years so nothing phases me when it comes to settling newborns. I have a dedicated work flow that means that you will receive a gallery of images unique to your baby.

If you are interested in booking a natural newborn session with me, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I'll be happy to hear from you.


Pippa | Session Sneak Peak | Newborn Photographer Glasgow | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

As time passes, its so easy to forget how absolutely tiny our little babies are when they arrive into this world. Everything changes so quickly, so before you know it this tiny brand new stage is over. So, for me, scale is very important in new-born photographs. I always try to incorporate poses or frames that best display how small a newborn is.

The moment I saw Pippa I knew that I had to highlight how tiny and petite she is. So here we are, Pippa, 5 little pounds of pretty perfection, all wrapped up safely in her Daddy's hands. 

Safe in hands, newborn photographer Glasgow

Eva | Session Sneak Peek | Glasgow Baby Photographer

"All that we are, and all that we hope to be, we owe to our loving families" ❤️

Eva, cradled by hands that will love, nurture, feed and cuddle her. 
Hands that she will hold when she feels unsure.
Hands that will tickle her and make her laugh. 
Hands that will stroke and soothe her and wipe away her tears. 

The hands of her Mama and her Gran. 

Three generations of love. 

I am now taking bookings for babies due in April 2018 onwards. If you are in Glasgow or surrounding areas and looking for a newborn photographer for your baby photographs, please get in touch. 


8 Reasons to book a Newborn Photo-shoot | Baby Photographer Glasgow

1. Because, before you know it, that newborn will be crawling, exploring, giggling at every word you say.

2. Because, before you know it, that crawler will be toddling, not listening to you when you say 'No'.

3. Because before you know it, that toddler will be heading off to nursery, forging bonds and friendships on their own.

4. Because before you know it, that nursery child will be off to primary school, and you'll worry... Are they happy? Contended? Is their little life okay?

5. Because before you know it that primary school child will be at secondary, too cool for you and all your Mummy ways.

6. Because, before you know it, that teenagers room will be all packed up and there will be tears as you drop them at University.  

7. Because, before you know it, University Halls will be swapped for a mortgage and a first home of their own.

8. Because, before you know it, your baby will have a baby of their own, and the cycle will start all over again

Photographs are tangible memories of times gone by.

Book your newborn session today. 




Less is more - Newborn Photographer Glasgow - Baby Photographer Paisley

Newborn photography is so popular now, way more popular than it was when I had my first baby nearly 10 years ago, and so it should be! Your baby (or babies) will be the most precious thing that you ever have, so why wouldn't you want to preserve that time on digital film, to take all those gorgeous newborn memories with you? 

There are many baby photographers in and around Glasgow, so you must be sure that you pick the one that is going to capture your baby in the style that suits you and your family. These photographs will be kept forever, so you know that you are always going to enjoy looking at them and taking pleasure from them for the rest of your life.

For some that will include props and frills and lots of outfit changes, maybe some novelty hats or digital imagery to place your baby in a fantasy scene, and for others less is more. If you are part of the latter crew, then I might just be the photographer for you. My style is simple, baby led and mostly unstaged. I do know how to position your baby for best results, but I will also spend some time photographing them completely naturally, following their lead and their movements, letting them lie just as they choose to. I use minimal props and outfits so that the focus is on the most important part of the image, your baby.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love looking at the work of more stylised newborn photography and completely appreciate the skill and talent that it takes to create those kind of images,  but its just not my personal taste and not what I would display in my home. For me, less is definitely more.

Clients come to me from all parts of Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde and more often than not they will tell me that they picked me for my simple style and that they wanted to have photographs that focussed on their baby. After all, isn't that all that matter now, your beautiful perfect little baby? 


Don't forget to breathe. | Baby Photographer Glasgow | Newborn Photographer Glasgow

Having a new baby is amazing, quite possibly the most amazing thing that you'll ever do, but it's exhausting, exhausting beyond belief.

It might not always be the fairytale that its portrayed to be and there might be (probably will be) times when you'll struggle. Its okay, you're not alone.

Theres no such thing as the perfect parent, we're all winging it, doing the best we can.

Be kind to yourself, take help when its offered and don't feel bad when rings don't go as planned.

Trust your instincts, you'll know more than you give yourself credit for, but accept that there will be times when your baby cries and you have absolutely no idea why.

Take photos, lots of them and print them for prosperity. Get in them, your future self will thank you and your child wont care that your hair isn't washed or that you're a few pounds heavier than you'd rather be.

Take care of yourself. Eat when you can, sleep when you can and enjoy it when you can. And don't forget to breathe.



New Product 2018 | Baby Photographer Glasgow

If you follow me on Social Media you will constantly hear me harping on about printing your pictures, I can't stress enough how important it is. Digital photos are great, they're so instant and so easy to share, but you really can't beat having a tangible print of your images in your hands and on your walls. 

Technology fails, that is a fact. By not printing your pictures you are running the risk of not having them for future generations to look back on. We have learned so much about the generations before us, from the stories they left on film, it would be tragic if we didn't leave our own stories behind us.

This generation is the most photographed in all of history. Taking photos is a daily occurrence for many of us, a regular part of our days, but I honestly believe that we will be the generation that leaves the least amount of printed pictures. Our stories will all be lost, left to languish on out dated technology that can no longer be read. 

My photo sessions are simple, you have three Collection options to choose from, with Collection II and III being the most popular. Each of these include printed products for you to cherish, and keep for all the generations of your people who will come behind you. 

Sessions are booking now up until Summer 2018. Please get in touch if you would like me to capture your family memories.

Much love




Sleep, or rather, lack of it! | Baby photographer Glasgow

New parents lose 44 days of sleep in the first year of their babies life, apparently! I don't know how on earth they came up with that number, because it felt like way more than that for me. Im pretty sure that I lost about 360 days of sleep in the first year, and the second and the third...

Nothing prepares you for it, for the heavy fog of exhaustion that falls over you and doesn't ever seem to fully lift. For the feeling that your baby should have some kind of warning label 'May cause extreme tiredness, do not drive, do not operate heavy machinery'.

It turns out that partying hard in your youth, does not prepare you for the sleep deprivation of parenthood. How is it, that it was fun to miss sleep back then? We should have slept more when we had the chance, back when we had no idea what tiredness really felt like!

I'm nearly 10 years in now, 10 years of less sleep than I was used to, and still pretty tired a lot of the time, but I've got to admit that sleep is more plentiful than it once was; I'll never take it for granted again.

If you're still in the midst of the long, lonely nights, hang in there Mama, keep going and remember that 'this too shall pass'




Print your pictures. | Baby Photographer Glasgow

Did you know that having printed photographs of your children displayed at home actually strengths their sense of worth and improves their self confidence?

It tells them that that are important within the family unit, it tells that they matter and that they are loved. 

My children absolutely love looking back over baby photographs of themselves, and will proudly show of the professional photographs that I have taken of them to guests when they visit.

Print your photographs, put them in frames and hang them on your walls. They look much better there than they do on USB.

Much love



I am booking now for babies due in March onwards. If would like baby photographs taken and are from Glasgow, Inverclyde, Paisley or surrounding areas, please get in touch. 



Why I photograph newborns | Baby Photography Paisley & Glasgow

I didn't always photograph newborns, in fact there was a time that I couldn't have imagined anything worse. I had no experience with babies, I didn't know their ways, or how to soothe them or how to handle them, so the thought of being given the responsibility of capturing  newborn baby photos filled me with dread, it just wasn't for me. 

Then I became a Mum and all that changed in an instant. You see, I had three babies in less than two years... Yip, you read that right! I had my first born, a son, in April 2008 and had my second two, twin girls, in September 2009! It was a crazy time and I'd love to tell you that it was a breeze and that I cherished every minute (like we're told to), but I didn't.. It was hard work, really hard work. Hours and days and weeks merged in to one, and quite honestly, its mostly a blur and I remember very little of the actual days or hours.

I do remember the colic and the reflux and the constant crying, while I tried to carry on as normal for my older baby boy, (And lets face it, at just fifteen months old, he was definitely still a baby.) I do remember the sleepless nights and feeding for hours in the silence of 3am, feeling like I was the only person in the world who was awake. I do remember feeling intense love and joy, while at the same time being completely and utterly exhausted, a tiredness that I couldn't explain if I tried.

The thing that I remember the most though, is that I was in complete awe of these three little beings of mine. They were (and still are) the most beautiful and perfect little people that I had seen in my entire life and I wanted to soak up and remember every single detail of them. I thought that I would always remember every curl, or stretch, every yawn and cry, every little scrunched up newborn expression, but the truth is I don't and neither will you.

The newborn stage is so frantic and busy and hectic, its just not possible to hold on to every memory of every thing that our babies do. It all passes so fast, in the blink of an eye that newborn stage is gone. So, now I love baby photography. My job, as a newborn photographer, is to record for you, the memories of your baby just as they are right now, while they are so beautifully brand new. Your baby photography session with me will capture all those details that are so important to remember, all the little details that we just don't want to forget.

The baby photos that you have from this time will be a constant reminder of how perfect and tiny your child was, and not just for you. Your baby will look back in years to come at themselves as newborn baby and know just how loved they were are how important they are.

Much love,



Most of my newborn photography sessions take place in my little studio room in Kilmacolm. People come from all over Renfrewshire and Glasgow to have baby photographs taken by me. If you are interested in a baby photography session near Glasgow, please get in touch.





Newborns Unscripted | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci

Isn't that the truth? In years to come you won't care about elaborate poses or props. All you will care about is how your baby looked when they were brand new in this world. Don't underestimate the power of a simple image and how it will make you feel when those precious newborn days are a distant memory.

2018 sessions are now available for booking. If, like me, you can see the beauty in simplicity, please get in touch.

With love,



2018 Diary Bookings | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

Its November!! Can you believe it? I think I write this every year, but I genuinely cannot believe that we are approaching the end of 2017. I honestly can't believe that I only have a few weeks left before I am finished photographing for the year, its insane! 

The good news however, is that I am now taking bookings for babies due in 2018 so if you have a a little bundle of joy on the way, please get in touch sooner rather than later. Newborn photography has become very popular in recent years so you will generally find that good photographers are booked months in advance. To avoid disappointment sessions should be booked well before baby is born.

Outdoor Portrait Sessions are available all year round, weather dependent and many months are already full. I do operate a cancellation list so please drop me and email if you would like to be added.

My 2018 availability is as follows : 

January  - 3 spaces

February  - 4 spaces

March  - 10 spaces

April  - 1 space left

May - 10 spaces 

June  - 4 spaces

July - 2 spaces 

August - 1 space

September - Full - Email to join cancellation list

October - Full - Please email to join cancellation list 

November - 2 spaces

December  - 5 spaces

To book or register interest for a session, please drop me and email or use the contact link on this website.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best wishes,



Outdoor Kids | Renfrewshire Photographer

Do you remember the late summer, when the days were long and the sun was still shining? They may seem like a distant memory now, but I can assure you that they happened, there were a few and I have the images to prove it.

I always seem to be so lucky with my Outdoor Kids, on location photo shoots, in all the years I've been doing them I've only had to cancel once, I'd say thats quite something when you live and work in Scotland, where our weather isn't always kind. 

This session was one of my favourites from this year, three GORGEOUS kids in lovely low sun on a lovely end of summer/early autum day. It was perfect, even if we did have to 'contain' the littlest for some of our shots. ;) 

Outdoor Kids runs every year, there is a waiting list for slots as it ALWAYS sells out, usually before going on general release. So, if you want to find out when the next sessions are running, please head over the contact session and drop me a note. I'll add you to the list and you'll get first refusal when I have dates arranged.