Baby Photographer Paisley | Baby Emily

Baby Emily came to visit me recently to have her newborn photographs taken. Meeting all newborn babies is lovely, but its especially nice when that baby is the newest addition to a family that I've already photographed, so it was lovely to meet Emily who is the new baby sister of Aaron, one of the newborns that I photographed a couple years ago. And, as an added bonus, I got see her Mummy and have a good catch up for a few hours during our session. I really do have the best job!

Emily was already over 2 weeks old by the time I photographed her and she did amazingly well. Although I suggest that babies should be photographed in the first 7-8 days, I will continue to photograph newborns up to about 21 days old. I've been doing this job for years and experience has shown me that you are usually still able to get nice sleepy baby shots during this time frame. Babies older than 7-8 days aren't always so likely to fold into newborn positions and will generally take longer to settle, but with a bit of knowledge on how to calm and settle a baby, and a little bit of patience, I am usually able to get the shots that I want. 

With older newborns, I prefer to do 'baby led posing' rather than trying to manipulate their positions too much. I just let them lie in positions that are comfortable to them, and then I use all my little tricks to get nice photographs. 

Emily was the first baby girl that I had photographed in a few weeks so it was nice to dig out some little styling props to use in her images. My style of newborn photography is pretty simple with only a few props included, but I do love little outfits, teddies and simple headbands and hats in some shots, it gives the images some variation and differentiates between boys and girls. 

The great thing about older newborns is that its really likely that we will get some wide eye shots, I love including these in my baby photography sessions and parents always seem to love them the best. 

Anyway, enough from me. I'll let the  pictures do the rest of the talking. I think you'll agree when I say that Emily is just beautiful. 


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