Aidan | Family Photographer Glasgow

Allow me to introduce Aidan, who came to have photos taken with me recently in my little studio space in Kilmalcolm. 

Aidan is 3, he is a live wire, a bundle of non stop energy and full of fun. He wants to laugh and joke and carry on. He wants to jump and run and hide. He wants to chat about aliens and eat hairdos and climb wherever he can. Aidan does not want to sit quietly or pose or follow direction or smile on demand, of course he doesn't, he's 3!

If you've read my previous blog here you will have already seen me say that photo shoots with children are unpredictable and that more often than not, they will not plan out as you might have thought they would. You will also have seen me say that its fine with me to allow children to be children when they are with me. I want them to be themselves, I want to get to know them and see their little personalities because that's what allows me to capture a true likeness of your child. I want to capture them in all their energetic glory and I want their fabulous, joyful little personalities to shine through.

Working with children of this age is always going to bring challenges, they are just getting to know their own minds and deciding what they want to do for themselves, so it's important to choose an experienced family photographer who knows how to interact and connect with your child. In years to come you will look back on these images, these little moments, frozen in time and have precious memories of your child at this stage, a stage that is over all too soon.

My session with Aidan was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure that throughout it his Mum probably felt that we weren't capturing anything of substance, but I have many, many years experience with children and I know exactly when to photograph and when not to, I know when to give the child a break and when to start again. I know how to engage with your child so that they have a good experience and enjoy their time in front of my lens. Aidan left his session referring to me as Auntie Julie, so I think its safe to say I achieved my goal.

So here he is, Aidan, a beautiful, funny, energetic little boy. Captured in images that will always remind his Mummy and Daddy of how amazingly cute he was, when he was just 3. 


If you have a little bundle of fun, or two, or three, that you would like me to photograph, please get in touch. I am booking now for May 2017 onwards. Feel free to have a browse around my site for more session information, full pricing and an insight into how I work. You can also see more of me and my work by following the links to all my social media. You'll find them at the foot of this page. :)