Simply Newborn Sessions | Newborn Photographer | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

There really isn't anything more beautiful than a tiny newborn baby is there? I've been photographing babies for years now; my newborn photography sessions follow the same structure each time, I use outfits and props and include sibling shots or parent shots, I'll add hats and teddies and little headbands or pillows or covers. We'll settle and feed and photograph and repeat this on and on until all the shots are in the bag. Any of you who have ever had a newborn baby will know that all of this takes time, sometimes lots of time, 3-4 hours in some cases because you just never know how baby will be on the day. Sometimes baby will be awake for hours and we have to wait and wait for your little bundle to settle over to sleep before we can really get on with the session because an awake baby usually doesn't like to be pose for the photographer. :) 

Recently I've been thinking about this and really wondering if we always have to go this route with newborn photography. More and more I find myself drawn to the more natural shots in my sessions, the shots were baby is comfortably lying in a position that they have naturally fallen in to. As a mum myself, I'd want to remember every little detail about my child, it all passes so quickly (cliche, but true ) I'd want to remember exactly how they are, how they lay, how they curled, how they really looked when they were totally brand new. So with this in mind, I have decided to incorporate a new style of newborn photography into my business, simple newborn sessions, with no props or posing. Just beautiful, natural images of your beautiful bundle of joy.

The Simply Newborn Sessions are quick sessions that focus on your baby. The session will take approx 1 hour and includes approximately 20 high resolution, fully edited digital images and a framed print from your session.

The Simply Newborn Sessions are £250; There is a £100 reservation fee to hold your slot and the remainder is due at the time of your session. Please get in touch now would like to book your slot.