Why I photograph newborns | Baby Photography Paisley & Glasgow

I didn't always photograph newborns, in fact there was a time that I couldn't have imagined anything worse. I had no experience with babies, I didn't know their ways, or how to soothe them or how to handle them, so the thought of being given the responsibility of capturing  newborn baby photos filled me with dread, it just wasn't for me. 

Then I became a Mum and all that changed in an instant. You see, I had three babies in less than two years... Yip, you read that right! I had my first born, a son, in April 2008 and had my second two, twin girls, in September 2009! It was a crazy time and I'd love to tell you that it was a breeze and that I cherished every minute (like we're told to), but I didn't.. It was hard work, really hard work. Hours and days and weeks merged in to one, and quite honestly, its mostly a blur and I remember very little of the actual days or hours.

I do remember the colic and the reflux and the constant crying, while I tried to carry on as normal for my older baby boy, (And lets face it, at just fifteen months old, he was definitely still a baby.) I do remember the sleepless nights and feeding for hours in the silence of 3am, feeling like I was the only person in the world who was awake. I do remember feeling intense love and joy, while at the same time being completely and utterly exhausted, a tiredness that I couldn't explain if I tried.

The thing that I remember the most though, is that I was in complete awe of these three little beings of mine. They were (and still are) the most beautiful and perfect little people that I had seen in my entire life and I wanted to soak up and remember every single detail of them. I thought that I would always remember every curl, or stretch, every yawn and cry, every little scrunched up newborn expression, but the truth is I don't and neither will you.

The newborn stage is so frantic and busy and hectic, its just not possible to hold on to every memory of every thing that our babies do. It all passes so fast, in the blink of an eye that newborn stage is gone. So, now I love baby photography. My job, as a newborn photographer, is to record for you, the memories of your baby just as they are right now, while they are so beautifully brand new. Your baby photography session with me will capture all those details that are so important to remember, all the little details that we just don't want to forget.

The baby photos that you have from this time will be a constant reminder of how perfect and tiny your child was, and not just for you. Your baby will look back in years to come at themselves as newborn baby and know just how loved they were are how important they are.

Much love,



Most of my newborn photography sessions take place in my little studio room in Kilmacolm. People come from all over Renfrewshire and Glasgow to have baby photographs taken by me. If you are interested in a baby photography session near Glasgow, please get in touch.