At 10.

And just like that, he is 10.

My love, my heart, my son. The child who made me a Mother, on a bright spring evening, now a decade ago.

Surely there is some mistake? Am I dreaming?  How can it be?  It feels like I missed it all.

How can it be, that those ten years feels so short, but when I try to, I struggle to remember the details. How can that be so?

All Mothers think that their children are special, and I am no exception, but let me tell you, when it comes to this boy, I don't think, I know.

I knew it from the very second that I laid eyes on him. He is gentle and kind and has the most loving heart of anyone I know. He is funny and laid back and strong. He is grateful, quietly confident, resilient and humble. He has a beautiful soul.

He loves animals, all animals, but mostly his Lily the cat, who has been his number two since he was only four years old. He would fill our home with all kinds of creatures if we let him. He assures me that when he is a man, he will have all the animals he's ever dreamt of owing. That includes a puma and a tortoise and a dog. The latter seems most likely. 

He is a gamer, a child of the digital age who would spend all day online if he could, chatting animatedly through headphones, to the boys and girls who are his best friends. 

He loves super cars and wonders if its possible to have a 'Lambo' as his first car when he passes his test. I've told him that the chances are slim, he doesn't let that put him off.

He loves dinosaurs and historical facts. His general knowledge astounds me, and puts me to shame in games of Trivial Pursuit. 

 He loves basketball and he loves to swim and when I watch him doing these activities, my heart swells with pride. He gives his all, and that effort has paid off. 

He is funny and chatty and he makes me laugh every day. I am so grateful that for now, he is mine. 

A good friend once told me that the next ten years will go much quicker than those that have already passed, when I think on that, I realise how true it must be. The next decade will be the one which includes him going to secondry school, becoming a teenager and drifting, as teenagers do, away from the me. The next decade will be the one in which his friends become his family, and I'm pretty sure that I'll lose him for a while.

I hope, my boy, that I have done well in preparing you for the next decade of your life. This one might be harder for you, but you're strong and clever and brave. Your potential is immense, I think that you'll be just fine. 

As we embark on the next decade of his life,  I look at our 'Danbo', our charming, sensitive boy and hope he knows just how loved he is. It would take a person more skilled than I, to document in words, the infinite pride and joy that he brings.

So Dan, here's to 10, here's to the next decade and whatever lies ahead.

My darling boy, here's to you, at 10.