Newborns Unscripted | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci

Isn't that the truth? In years to come you won't care about elaborate poses or props. All you will care about is how your baby looked when they were brand new in this world. Don't underestimate the power of a simple image and how it will make you feel when those precious newborn days are a distant memory.

2018 sessions are now available for booking. If, like me, you can see the beauty in simplicity, please get in touch.

With love,



2018 Diary Bookings | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

Its November!! Can you believe it? I think I write this every year, but I genuinely cannot believe that we are approaching the end of 2017. I honestly can't believe that I only have a few weeks left before I am finished photographing for the year, its insane! 

The good news however, is that I am now taking bookings for babies due in 2018 so if you have a a little bundle of joy on the way, please get in touch sooner rather than later. Newborn photography has become very popular in recent years so you will generally find that good photographers are booked months in advance. To avoid disappointment sessions should be booked well before baby is born.

Outdoor Portrait Sessions are available all year round, weather dependent and many months are already full. I do operate a cancellation list so please drop me and email if you would like to be added.

My 2018 availability is as follows : 

January  - 3 spaces

February  - 4 spaces

March  - 10 spaces

April  - 1 space left

May - 10 spaces 

June  - 4 spaces

July - 2 spaces 

August - 1 space

September - Full - Email to join cancellation list

October - Full - Please email to join cancellation list 

November - 2 spaces

December  - 5 spaces

To book or register interest for a session, please drop me and email or use the contact link on this website.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best wishes,



Outdoor Kids | Renfrewshire Photographer

Do you remember the late summer, when the days were long and the sun was still shining? They may seem like a distant memory now, but I can assure you that they happened, there were a few and I have the images to prove it.

I always seem to be so lucky with my Outdoor Kids, on location photo shoots, in all the years I've been doing them I've only had to cancel once, I'd say thats quite something when you live and work in Scotland, where our weather isn't always kind. 

This session was one of my favourites from this year, three GORGEOUS kids in lovely low sun on a lovely end of summer/early autum day. It was perfect, even if we did have to 'contain' the littlest for some of our shots. ;) 

Outdoor Kids runs every year, there is a waiting list for slots as it ALWAYS sells out, usually before going on general release. So, if you want to find out when the next sessions are running, please head over the contact session and drop me a note. I'll add you to the list and you'll get first refusal when I have dates arranged.


Christmas Mini Sessions | Renfrewshire Photographer

It may only be mid October, but in the photography world, that means that Christmas is upon us.

This years Christmas sessions booked out quicker than ever before, I'm so excited to get started on them and can't wait to see you all at your slot! 

The Set Up

As with all my usual studio sessions, my Christmas set will be simple so that the focus is on your child and is not overly fussy with props. Professional photographs should, in my opinion, be classy and timeless so that they don't look overly dated in years to come.

This years set will be a bed theme, with some Christmas styling added in. The colour theme is Nordic... White, Grey and Red.

What to Wear.

Neutral colours will be perfect, white, creams, nudes and grey. Or if you prefer a bolder look, you could wear red, burgundy or some festive tartan. The set is versatile so that you can be a dressy or a casual as you please, either will work well. Layering is often a good idea for mini sessions as there is no time for outfit changes. So little cardigans or jumpers over outfits are great as they can be removed to give some outfit variation. 

What to Expect.

I will work quickly in our session as these are minis shoots. Please do not feel that I am rushing you, I have years of experience of working with children and generally know how to get good results in a short space of time. 

After your session I will send you a password protected gallery of lightly edited images for you to choose your 5 included images. Once your selections have been made, I will fully retouch your images to the standard that you see on my website and social media.

See you all very soon! Ho, ho ho!! ;) x


Martha | Simple Newborn Photographs | Newborn Photographer Renfrewshire

Martha, a tiny little bundle of perfection, who didn't make a peep during her simple newborn photography session. Quite possibly one of my favourite newborn sessions yet, with simple, authentic props and styling and lots of natural newborn perfection. 

I dare you not to feel broody when you feast your eyes on these beautiful shots of this most beautiful little girl.

My booking diary is open for 2018. Please get in touch to arrange your baby photography session.

Much love,


baby- photography-renfrewshire-teddy-hat

Gracie | Toddler Portrait Session | Renfrewshire Photographer

Soft natural light, some simple styling and props and a beautiful little girl, that's all you need to create beautiful, timeless images that will transend gimmicks and trends. 

My laid back sessions are perfect for infants and toddlers who are never going to be interested in posing for the camera. The key is to just let them be themselves, let them act as they normally would and you'll get the perfect shot. Genuine connection and genuine expressions, what could be more perfect than that.

My 2018 booking diary is now open, if you'd like to discuss a session, please get in touch.

Much love, 



Simply Newborn Sessions | Newborn Photographer | Baby Photographer Renfrewshire

There really isn't anything more beautiful than a tiny newborn baby is there? I've been photographing babies for years now; my newborn photography sessions follow the same structure each time, I use outfits and props and include sibling shots or parent shots, I'll add hats and teddies and little headbands or pillows or covers. We'll settle and feed and photograph and repeat this on and on until all the shots are in the bag. Any of you who have ever had a newborn baby will know that all of this takes time, sometimes lots of time, 3-4 hours in some cases because you just never know how baby will be on the day. Sometimes baby will be awake for hours and we have to wait and wait for your little bundle to settle over to sleep before we can really get on with the session because an awake baby usually doesn't like to be pose for the photographer. :) 

Recently I've been thinking about this and really wondering if we always have to go this route with newborn photography. More and more I find myself drawn to the more natural shots in my sessions, the shots were baby is comfortably lying in a position that they have naturally fallen in to. As a mum myself, I'd want to remember every little detail about my child, it all passes so quickly (cliche, but true ) I'd want to remember exactly how they are, how they lay, how they curled, how they really looked when they were totally brand new. So with this in mind, I have decided to incorporate a new style of newborn photography into my business, simple newborn sessions, with no props or posing. Just beautiful, natural images of your beautiful bundle of joy.

The Simply Newborn Sessions are quick sessions that focus on your baby. The session will take approx 1 hour and includes approximately 20 high resolution, fully edited digital images and a framed print from your session.

The Simply Newborn Sessions are £250; There is a £100 reservation fee to hold your slot and the remainder is due at the time of your session. Please get in touch now would like to book your slot. 



Renfrewshire Photographer - Outdoor Kids 2017

So, every year I plan to blog every session of every week of every month, but hey! who needs silly plans like that anyway? As usual, its nearly the end of Summer and I haven't blogged anything for months! So, here I go playing catch up (which wont last long, as I'm just heading into my busiest months of the year) but, I can dream, right?

As many of you who follow me on Facebook will know, I've been shooting a lot of 'Outdoor Kids' sessions this year. Back when I started them (9 years ago!!) I only did summer sessions, but as the years have gone on, they've become so popular that I've had to add additional dates throughout my calendar and now I'm shooting them pretty much all year round. 

The summer sessions are just about to come to a close, with the last lot due to take place in a couple of weeks time. After that, it will be warm woolies and wellie boots as we head into Autumn/Winter season. I can't wait, but for now, I'll leave you with this session from summer 2017, when the weather stayed right on our side for an amazing day of photography in Renfrewshire.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for my next Outdoor Kids sessions. Please fill in your details on the Contact form of this website. Thank you. 




My girl, my beautiful, beautiful girl.

My Sophie.

My Muse.

Or one of them, at least.


Newborn Photography Glasgow - Baby Ciaran

This little guy came to me recently for his newborn photography shoot in my little studio near Glasgow. The third and final baby in a lovely family that I've had the pleasure of photographing in the past. A gorgeous little guy who has made his family complete. How lovely for me to be chosen to take his first professional photos, it makes my heart sing. 


Holly Rose | Newborn Photographer Near Me

I'm lucky, I'm one of those people who can honestly say that I love what I do, it's true, I love my job for many reasons. Taking photographs for families is a wonderful thing,  getting to be a part of the really special moments in someones life is an absolute honour and I will never take it for granted, One of the most amazing parts of my job is being trusted to capture the first few days of a new life. Photographing newborn babies is always special, but when that baby is the first child of a past wedding couple, well, that's really special.

Holly Rose is one of this babies. A few years ago I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of her Mummy and Daddy, and now I've had the pleasure of capturing Hollys' newborn photographs for them to treasure forever.

Hollys' Mum, Dawn, contacted me when she first became pregnant and we scheduled a date in for her expected due date. Holly didn't make us wait to long, she arrived right when she was supposed to and came to my studio when she was just a couple of weeks old.

Her session was perfect, sometimes babies will be hard to settle or don't want to sleep, but Holly was fabulous. She slept like a dream and allowed us to capture lots of lovely images.

The newborn stage flies by so quickly, babies change every single day, so getting your session booked in while you are still pregnant is really important so that you don't miss the vital first few weeks. Once baby arrives you will be less likely to find the time to schedule your baby photographs, so my advice is that you start looking for your preferred newborn photographer near Glasgow, sometime around your 20 week scan. By scheduling your session at this time, you can be sure that you will get a slot with an experienced newborn photographer. My diary books up weeks in advance so late bookings are never guaranteed. There is the odd occasion when I will have space available though, so please get in touch if you're looking for a last minute newborn photography session with me. I can usually get the desired results with babies up to 21 days old.

Knowing what style of baby photographs you would like will help in your search for a local newborn photographer. Some people like lots of props and add ons, while others prefer more natural newborn photographs. Others may like in an in home lifestyle session, its entirely up to you.

Most of my newborn photographs are taken in my little studio space in Kilmalcolm, near Glasgow, my style is mostly quite natural with most of the focus being on baby. However, I do use some props and digital artistry to add some variation to your finished gallery and to leave you with beautiful images that will take pride of place in your heart and your home for years to come. 

So if you are pregnant or have just had a baby and are looking for a newborn photographer near Glasgow, please get in touch. All of my session pricing and information is available on this website. I am currently booking for babies arriving in May 2017 onwards.

I hope to hear from you soon, but for now, I will leave you with Holly Rose when she was just 2 weeks new. The best little sleeper in town. 



Aidan | Family Photographer Glasgow

Allow me to introduce Aidan, who came to have photos taken with me recently in my little studio space in Kilmalcolm. 

Aidan is 3, he is a live wire, a bundle of non stop energy and full of fun. He wants to laugh and joke and carry on. He wants to jump and run and hide. He wants to chat about aliens and eat hairdos and climb wherever he can. Aidan does not want to sit quietly or pose or follow direction or smile on demand, of course he doesn't, he's 3!

If you've read my previous blog here you will have already seen me say that photo shoots with children are unpredictable and that more often than not, they will not plan out as you might have thought they would. You will also have seen me say that its fine with me to allow children to be children when they are with me. I want them to be themselves, I want to get to know them and see their little personalities because that's what allows me to capture a true likeness of your child. I want to capture them in all their energetic glory and I want their fabulous, joyful little personalities to shine through.

Working with children of this age is always going to bring challenges, they are just getting to know their own minds and deciding what they want to do for themselves, so it's important to choose an experienced family photographer who knows how to interact and connect with your child. In years to come you will look back on these images, these little moments, frozen in time and have precious memories of your child at this stage, a stage that is over all too soon.

My session with Aidan was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure that throughout it his Mum probably felt that we weren't capturing anything of substance, but I have many, many years experience with children and I know exactly when to photograph and when not to, I know when to give the child a break and when to start again. I know how to engage with your child so that they have a good experience and enjoy their time in front of my lens. Aidan left his session referring to me as Auntie Julie, so I think its safe to say I achieved my goal.

So here he is, Aidan, a beautiful, funny, energetic little boy. Captured in images that will always remind his Mummy and Daddy of how amazingly cute he was, when he was just 3. 


If you have a little bundle of fun, or two, or three, that you would like me to photograph, please get in touch. I am booking now for May 2017 onwards. Feel free to have a browse around my site for more session information, full pricing and an insight into how I work. You can also see more of me and my work by following the links to all my social media. You'll find them at the foot of this page. :) 


Baby Finlay | Newborn photographer near Glasgow

Let me introduce beautiful baby Finlay and his equally beautiful big brother, Rory. I had the pleasure of photographing them both recently in my little studio room in Kilmalcolm. Working with newborns and infants is extremely unpredictable and you never quite know how it will go, but these two were a dream and I loved every minute of photographing them, and chatting with their lovely Mummy and Daddy. I'm so glad they picked me. :) 

Here's a very small sample of the images that we captured on the day. Enjoy!

If you're planning a newborn photography shoot, please drop me a note to discuss. I'm booking now for babies arriving in March onwards. 

wrapped newborn in basket
awake baby in cocoon newborn photography near glasgow
baby boy wrapped in blue newborn photographer paisley
sleeping baby with bunny baby photographer glasgow
sleeping baby wrapped in basket baby photographer paisley
big brother with new baby newborn photographer near glasgow

Family Photographer | Glasgow - Autumn Sessions

Isn't Autumn wonderful? Its definitely one of my favourite times for an Outdoor  Photo-shoot. The colours are so bright and rich and vibrant, and the light is low and dreamy which always leads to beautiful shots. 

Many people over look this time of year for booking outdoor sessions with me, because they feel that they've missed the best of the weather, however this year we were spoiled with a lovely, mild and dry few months... The dry bit is kind of unheard of in Glasgow, at any time of the year, never mind later on, so believe me when I say that I took full advantage! :) 

2016 was my busiest yet for outdoor work in autumn, so I have lot's of great sessions to share with you... I really am going to try harder with blogging in 2017... I promise! :) 

 All of the sessions took place in various locations around Glasgow, Paisley and surrounding areas.. I visited some old favourite spots, like Barshaw Park in Paisley and the West End of Glasgow, and found some new ones, like this session which took place close to home for me, in Renfrewshire.

This group of cuties are cousins who were amazing to photograph; there was lots of carry on and laughter from start to finish which meant that not only did we all have a great time, but we also got great shots too. Win, win!

My Outdoor Sessions will be starting again early in this new year, and as usual will take place in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Keep your eyes peeled for availability if you'd like to come along to have your children photographed by me,  or if you prefer to be cosy and stay indoors, studio sessions are well underway. Get in touch if you would like me to capture your memories. It would be my honour.

sibling shot - family - photographs - outdoors - paisley
family - photography - glasgow - children - laughing
children's - photography - glasgow - kids joking around
sibling photo shoot glasgow - brother and sister
serious - faces - children - photographer - near glasgow

Awake Babies | Baby Photographer Glasgow

What if my baby doesn't sleep during the newborn photo-shoot?

When we think of newborn baby photographs, most people imagine lovely sleepy babies in lots of different poses, but the reality of a newborn photo session is that baby is usually awake for a good portion of the time, especially if your baby photographs take place after the 10 day mark. 

When you book your newborn session with me, I will give some little tips for before you come along, so that (hopefully) your session will run as smoothly as possible, but lets face it, all babies are different and can be unpredicatable so the key is to remain relaxed on the day and work with what we have. The most important thing to me is that both you and baby feel relaxed and that we get a good selection of shots for you to choose from.

It's usually best if baby is a little hungry on arrival at the studio, this means that once you're with me, you can feed baby and hopefully he or she will doze off which allows us to go straight into sleepy poses. It doesn't always work this way though and sometimes baby will stay awake for a period of time before slipping off to sleep. Please don't stress if this happens to you, I actually really enjoy working with awake babies, I love to see their little expressions and their beautiful, clear eyes and more often than not, I find that parents love the images where baby is awake and alert.

I have lots of little techniques to use during the awake stage, such as posing with parent or siblings or wrapping baby up, then once baby falls over to sleep (which inevitabley will happen) I can move on to the lovely sleepy portraits that we all know and love.

Patience is key when it comes to working with newborns, and I have plenty of that, it might take 20 minutes or it might take 2 hours, but I can pretty much guarantee that your baby will sleep at some point, just leave it up to me. <3


The majority of my baby photographs are taken in my little studio room in Kilmalcolm. Clients come to me from Greenock, Paisley, Glasgow and surrounding areas. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your newborn photography requirements. 

wide awake baby in basket
wrapped baby boy eyes open - newborn photographer near glasgow
baby girl awake with bunny - baby photos glasgow
awake baby with sister best newborn photographer glasgow
calm baby awake - newborn photography studio glasgow

Childrens' Photographer | Glasgow

What is it about a portrait session that makes our children turn into crazy, carry on, awkward versions of themselves? You've got such high hopes before you arrive, you've invested financially, not only in my skills as a photographer, but also in outfits and styling so that everything is just perfect for the day. You've invested emotionally in how you want the session to go and how you want the finished images to look and you've  planned exactly where they'll go in the home. 

The kids are prepped (bribed) and they've promised to be on the best behaviour and smile nicely for the lady with the camera, and then you arrive and all the careful planning and prep goes right out the window, along with the promises of treats for doing as their told! Your stress levels rise and you grit your teeth while you try to calmly get the kids to cooperate.... Believe me when I say that you are not alone,  it happens nearly every  time, but here's the thing...  I've got this! I've been here before, too many times to remember. A photo shoot is exciting for kids, and even the ones who don't seem up for it will carry on and act up for the camera, its what kids do. And here's the other thing, I want them to act up, I want to see their personalities and hear their belly laughs and capture them being kids. Isn't that why you book me in the first place? So that together, we can capture the magic of these phenomemal little people of yours, so that in years to come you can look back on your images and remember how it felt to watch your children be children in the late summer sun, to remember the sounds of their laughter and jokes and their squeals  of sheer delight.

That's what it's all about for me. The perfect photo shoot isn't just about me knowing the technicalities of how to use a camera, or how to use the light, or style a session, or pose a subject. It's about being able to capture a little bit of both. Its about knowing when to laugh and carry on and capture the moments as the happen and its about knowing exactly when is the right time to slow things down and get some beautifully posed shots. Its about being able to engage with my subjects and let them be as crazy and wild or a shy and awkward as they want to be,  so that I can leave you with images that make you feel something, images that make you physically react when you see them, images that will be treasured for now until forever.

So, if you walk away from your shoot thinking that your kids weren't perfect, please believe me when I say that they were. And when you walk away from your shoot thinking that we probably didn't get any good shots, please believe me when I say that we definitely did... You might even struggle to choose your favourites, because they're your beautiful kids, with their own unique personalities and that is just perfect! 

* All of my Outdoor Photography takes place in Renfrewshire and surrounding areas. I shoot regularly in Paisley, Glasgow West End, Glasgow city centre and some more rural areas such as Kilbarchan, Kilmacolm, Bridge of Weir and Lochwinnoch. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a session for your family

children's photographer glasgow
sibling portrait bars haw park in paisley renfrewshire
little girl laughing with brother outdoor photo shoot in barshaw park paisley near Glasgow
siblings cuddle photography barshaw park paisley renfrewshire
siblings on bench in park family photography paisley near glasgow

Baby Photographer Paisley | Baby Emily

Baby Emily came to visit me recently to have her newborn photographs taken. Meeting all newborn babies is lovely, but its especially nice when that baby is the newest addition to a family that I've already photographed, so it was lovely to meet Emily who is the new baby sister of Aaron, one of the newborns that I photographed a couple years ago. And, as an added bonus, I got see her Mummy and have a good catch up for a few hours during our session. I really do have the best job!

Emily was already over 2 weeks old by the time I photographed her and she did amazingly well. Although I suggest that babies should be photographed in the first 7-8 days, I will continue to photograph newborns up to about 21 days old. I've been doing this job for years and experience has shown me that you are usually still able to get nice sleepy baby shots during this time frame. Babies older than 7-8 days aren't always so likely to fold into newborn positions and will generally take longer to settle, but with a bit of knowledge on how to calm and settle a baby, and a little bit of patience, I am usually able to get the shots that I want. 

With older newborns, I prefer to do 'baby led posing' rather than trying to manipulate their positions too much. I just let them lie in positions that are comfortable to them, and then I use all my little tricks to get nice photographs. 

Emily was the first baby girl that I had photographed in a few weeks so it was nice to dig out some little styling props to use in her images. My style of newborn photography is pretty simple with only a few props included, but I do love little outfits, teddies and simple headbands and hats in some shots, it gives the images some variation and differentiates between boys and girls. 

The great thing about older newborns is that its really likely that we will get some wide eye shots, I love including these in my baby photography sessions and parents always seem to love them the best. 

Anyway, enough from me. I'll let the  pictures do the rest of the talking. I think you'll agree when I say that Emily is just beautiful. 


baby - photographer - paisley - greenock - glasgow

Why should you have a newborn or baby photo shoot? | Baby photographer Paisley

Photographing newborn babies is one of my very favourite parts of my job, what is there not to love about spending a few hours with a gorgeous snuggly, brand new baby? I've been offering newborn photography for over 5 years now and it just never gets tiresome. Capturing those first few special weeks in a child's life is a joy and a privilege that I never take for granted.

As a mum of 3 myself, I completely understand the utter adoration that you feel for your new child, I remember well, those moments when I would just stare and stare at my little baby, lost in the utter disbelief that I had made something, someone as perfect as this. If you are anything like me, you are probably snapping away all day, every day on your smart phone or tablet, uploading your shots to Facebook or Instagram and promising yourself that you'll get those shots printed as soon as you find a spare 5 minutes, but if you're anything like me, this spare 5 minuted never come. You're tired, you're trying to figure out a sleep schedule and a feeding schedule. You're trying to figure out when you'll get washed, or eat, or make it out the front door, the last thing you're doing is trying to figure out when to print the 500 photographs that you've taken each day. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that all parents should have a point and shoot camera to capture moments as they happen, but you can't beat the beauty of professionally shot images taken by a specialist newborn photographer.

Newborn Safety.

Newborn photography is not something that just anybody can do. A reputable newborn photographer will be highly experienced in handling babies and will have the safety of your precious bundle at the forefront of their mind. Posing and photographing babies is something that  requires, knowledge, experience and lots of lots of patience, I can assure you that I have all 3 in abundance... Having 3 babies in 2 years will do that to a girl! ;) 

The environment is also very important. The majority of my newborn photography takes place in my dedicated space in The Cargill Centre in Kilmacolm. The room is simple and small, but is perfect for a new baby photo shoot. Because the space is compact, I am able to heat it and make it super comfortable for your new baby who loves to be warm, its not so comfortable for adults at times though, so I always advise that parents dress in layers that can be removed. This calm, stress free environment is perfect for capturing the newborn photographs that we all love.


Photographic Prints and Wall Art

Your newborn photo shoot with JVP is not just about your time in the studio. All of my packages include both printed and digital products, so you are guaranteed to have tangible products after your time spent with me. Of course you will print your own snaps along the way, but there is nothing to rival a professional photograph taken by someone who understands lighting,  posing and styling. These are the images that will fill your walls and be passed down from generation to generation.


Family Photographer

By coming along to a professional photographer for your newborn shoot, you can ensure that all members of your family are together in at least one shot. You will hear me going on and on about the importance of existing in photographs for our children and our children's children, thats not going to happen if you are always the one snapping away with your smart phone. I've lost count of the amount of times that new Mums have thanked me for encouraging them to be present in photos with their babies, its such a special time in your life and believe when I say that in years to come, you will cherish these photographs. I know how it feels for them not to exist, I don't have one single photograph with me and my baby twins together, I would give anything to be albe to turn back time.


baby - photography - deals - glasgow
babay - photography - glasgow - westend
baby - photography - glasgow - prices
baby - photographer - greenock
newborn - photography - deals - greenock

Portrait Photographer Glasgow | Children's Portraits

November 1st, I can't believe it, how on earth did we end up here? This year has flown by for me and has been the busiest year for my business to date. I am so thankful for that, for all my clients, old and new, and those who continue to support me and use my services, year in, year out.

When I first started photographing children, I was solely an outdoor photographer using natural light and nature focused backdrops in my images; I still love that more relaxed, informal style of shoot and run quarterly 'Outdoor Kids' sessions which always book up within days of release. However over the years, my work and style has evolved and these days you will often find me in studio making simple, distraction free portraits of children.

As a portrait photographer I am always striving to produce the best quality portraits that I can and there is nothing more beautiful than a simple, timeless portrait of your child to adorn your wall.

I love capturing children just as they are and have a relaxed approach when working with them, which, I believe, really puts them at ease. My style includes spontaneous, fun shots with natural smiles however, my real passion lies with Fine Art inspired images which capture so much more.

"Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles" Dragan Tapshanov 2013

My studio portrait sessions all include a series of Fine Art inspired images and I find more and more often that these are the shots from the session that parents really fall in love with and want to have hanging in their homes. I am a full service photographer, which means that you will always have tangible products from your session with me. I fully understand parents desire to have the digital files which are included in all of my collections , but you just can't beat seeing your beautiful, artistic portraits in printed form. I have seen many a mum moved to tears when I hand the finished products over.

All of my studio sessions take place in my allocated space in The Cargill Centre in Kilmacolm, which is a beautiful little rural village in Inverclyde. Clients travel to me from all over... Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock and surrounding areas. 

All of my full sessions are tailored to your needs, there is no time limit on shooting and pre session styling advice is given to ensure that you get the most from your portrait session with me.

Time flies, our children grow and change so quickly, but with beautiful portraits we can hold on to them just as they are. I would love to capture the beauty of your child for you. 


family - portrait - photographer - glasgow - greenock - paisley
portrait - photographer - glasgow - greenock - paisley
baby - photographer - paisley - glasgow - greenock
newborn - portrait - photographer - glasgow
studio - portrait - photographer - greenock - paisley - glasgow

If I knew then, what I know now. | Paisley Baby Photographer



Yesterday my 'babies' turned 7.

If you had told me in the early days that we would be here so quickly, I would never have believed you. If you had told me in the early days, that 7 years would pass in the blink of an eye, I might have done some things a little bit differently.

I might taken more photographs when they were born, or at least, I would have used my real camera rather than the camera on my iPhone that would get lost in Tesco approximately 3 months after their arrival. I would most certainly have backed up the photos on that iPhone (Who knew about iCloud 7 years ago... Not me!) More importantly, I would have printed them all.

If you had told me that their first 6 years would be over in a flash, I would not have cared how I looked after giving birth and I would have begged my husband to take a photo of me holding my two precious darlings in my arms. I would have realised how lucky I was to have not only one, but two beautiful babies and I would have smiled for that photo, fat face and all.

I would have worried less about routine and getting back 'to normal' if I'd known that 7 was just around the corner. I wouldn't have believed that 'I was making a rod for my own back' by cuddling my babies to sleep. Oh no, I would have held them for every second that I could, if I'd known that them being so tiny would be over so soon.

I would have realised that the hell that is colic would be a distant memory in no time at all. And, I would have reminded myself over and over that all I was doing was good enough for them. I would not have made myself feel guilty or like a bad mummy if I laid one down to cry while I tended to the other. 

If I'd known that 7 would come so soon, I would have savoured those quiet moments in the early hours when it was just me and my babies awake. In those times when it felt that the whole world was sleeping except the 3 of us. Just me and my two little angels all swaddled up tight.

I would have made sure to note down their first crawl, first words, first steps. I didn't realise that I would ever forget them, or how much I'd wish that I hadn't.

If you had told me that they'd be turning 7 so quickly, I would have realised that its true what they say; 'The days are long, but the years are very, very short' and all that seems hard at the time, is hard to remember, when your babies are babies no more.

If you had told me in the early days, that the love that I felt for my babies would be nothing compared to the love that I'd feel 7 years on, I would have said you were crazy, how could it ever be possible to love them more? But, of course it is, and I do.

My babies are 7, and I couldn't be prouder of the unbelievably amazing and individual little people that they have become. Happy birthday, my darlings, I cannot believe that you are 7, but I'm excited for whatever 7 has in store.