A bit about me...



Hello, I'm Julie (or Jules, or JuJu) Mummy, Wife, Photographer. Lover of Prince, tea, Paris, books and beautiful photographs.

I started taking photographs, many moons ago, at school in France. Back then I'd take candid shots of friends, using black & white film, photographing moments as they happened, no posing, no styling, just me and my camera, taking photos of all that was around me. I do still love that style, and often reflect it in my work, however these days you'll mostly find me making beautiful portraits of babies and children.

My love of photographing children really started when my own children were born, every single day I would have my camera in hand, capturing the innocence and wonder of these little beings of mine. Then, more and more often others would ask me to photograph their children, and JVP was born.

The essence of JVP, is timeless with a Fine Art influence. I don't do cheesy poses, or seek out big smiles. I capture the child, just as they are, right here, right now, in images that will make your heart swell and feed your soul. I want to make images of your children that you love today and will adore tomorrow, because our children don't stay small for long.